Monday, February 6, 2012
Keylogger is a program to record each letter that is often used by hackers to find out which type password.keylogger password stored in the computer and hide its prey. nah i have a pretty good keyloger to know the password FS / YM. keylogger that I got from this was my spyarsenal planting in some cafe.If you want to follow in my footsteps, this is how:

     -Download Home Keylogger. (HERE)
-Save on Flash disk, and then take it to your internet cafe
-Install in the cafe
-Once the tray icon Keylogger on
-Right-click the tray icons Keylogger
-Select hide icon and there is a warning to remind you how to "un-hide" his
-After days and then you'd go back to the cafe (MUST BE THE SAME COMPUTER)
-Press CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + M
Klik2 his tray icons and you'll see him LOG
Actually this can be done in the cafe game you know ....


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